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Welcome to Commercial Mortgage Corporation™

Located in the downtown Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Seattle and Miami Financial Districts, our capital markets real estate team specializes in arranging debt and equity for both institutional and private clients in Canada and the United States. As former commercial real estate lenders, we underwrite and present transactions in an attractive form that will capture a lender’s attention and deliver the best available loan structure and interest rate. Our focus is our clients. We leave the loan servicing to the lenders to ensure your rate and costs remain low. Integrity is ensured by specializing in commercial real estate debt and equity placements and never acting in a conflicted dual role as both a lender and broker.

Our debt specialty is in arranging commercial mortgages from $3 million to over $150 million on commercial real estate properties and portfolios across Canada and the United States. Our expertise consists of multi-residential | apartment buildings, retail | shopping malls, office buildings, industrial buildings, hotels, construction loans and land financing.

By implementing a standardized underwriting and mortgage presentation process, our team will ensure you are professionally represented. Our thorough, professional approach ensures your loan request is well received in the lending community.

Commercial mortgages are arranged for multi and single-tenant income producing properties and owner occupied commercial real estate. Eligible commercial real estate includes stabilized and non-stabilized development properties.

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Lender Network

Our unique approach is to customize your commercial mortgage presentation and present your loan request to the suitable lenders for your specific transaction. Our lender network consists of commercial mortgage lenders in Canada, United States, Europe and Asia. Relationships within our network include Banks, Credit Unions, Trust Companies, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, Private Lenders, Commercial Mortgage Conduits and other Institutional Mortgage Lenders.

Proprietary Private Mortgages

In addition to sourcing mortgages through institutional lenders, we also have access to proprietary capital and arrange private commercial mortgages through our network of high net worth individuals. These mortgages allow a higher level of financing and often form part of the total requested loan amount. Rates can remain low by blending a private mortgage with a low cost traditional mortgage.


All of our private lenders are presented with the same financial analysis and underwriting as our national and international institutional lenders. If you are interested in joining our private lender investor network, please contact us at investors@cmcorporation.ca.

Our Value Added Process

Being relationship driven, our company is built on repeat business by generating results. With the implementation of a proven formula and cutting edge technology, we streamline transactions and deliver innovative, customized commercial mortgages for our clients. Our service is comprehensive and includes professional mortgage consultation and analysis, underwriting and a full confidential investment memorandum. Presentation to the real estate lending community, review of lending offers and guidance through the funding process form part of our services. The cost of this service is frequently paid for by securing the lowest interest rate and lower loan fees.


Provide your commercial mortgage financing requirements and we’ll work with our lender network to deliver several innovative, customized commercial mortgage financing solutions.


By partnering with Commercial Mortgage Corporation™, you’ll save money by having our commercial mortgage brokers arrange the lowest priced loan and most competitive structure.


Simplify the mortgage process by having us underwrite and prepare a professional commercial mortgage presentation to confidently present your financing request to the right lenders.

Loan proceeds from first and second mortgages can be used to finance acquisitions, renovations, new construction including design builds and equity take-outs.

Commercial Property Values

    When a commercial property is for sale, you will want to determine the value to see if the list price is accurate. It’s important to not assume that the list price is the value of the property. Here are the steps to figure out commercial property values using the capitalization rate method. How […]