Commercial Properties for Sale

By November 19, 2013Real Estate Investing


Investments come in many shapes and sizes and people invest for all kinds of reasons. They invest in precious metals, foreign currency, financial stock and bonds, and in real estate. Some people invest short term and look for quick profits, while others invest in the long term in order to financially secure their future.
Regardless of the type of investment, or the reason behind it, the single purpose of an investment is to deliver profits, and very few investments provide returns like commercial properties. They provide a considerably higher income potential, lower competition, reduced risks, tax benefits, equity build-up, long term capital appreciation, and much more. Qualified commercial mortgage brokers can help you make the right decision and get you the proper financing required for such investments.
The Flip Factor: Investing in commercial properties and ‘flipping’ them for quick returns is a resurgent trend in the industry. The popularity of commercial real estate investments is due to the fact that they often provide positive returns. An investor can raise debt, either through banks or through private investors, purchase a property, renovate it, and resell it for considerable profits. A great way to access these sources of financing are through commercial mortgage brokers.

Talks of Finance: Compared to residential real estate, it is often more challenging to find financing for commercial properties. Options can include finding a private investor, or using a combination of financing from a bank or other lenders. The down payments required for commercial real estate are larger than those needed for residential properties, and therefore, you will usually need someone to finance your acquisition. You could also raise capital by placing new commercial mortgages on your existing properties, a great way to access the built up equity in your portfolio.
The Property: There are various types of commercial real estate, and you need to consider carefully which one to invest in. You could opt for office buildings, residential towers, industrial property, self storage units, and even retail stores. These properties can then be renovated and rented out to generate a regular stream of income, or sold to harvest quick and substantial returns.
The Land: There are tremendous benefits to investing in commercial properties for sale. Not only do they provide current income and spendable cash, but they are incredible securities for your future as well. If you happen to choose the location wisely, you can earn income indefinitely even if the property reduces in value. This is because the land it sits on will continue to provide intrinsic value and revenue generating opportunities.
Due Diligence: There are several factors that you need to consider, most particularly your ability to repay the loan. A detailed conversation with your commercial mortgage brokers will be necessary. You also need to ensure that you can recover the full amount of the loan from your investment, including the interest accrued. The due diligence process is also extremely vital when purchasing investment properties.
Once you have carefully evaluated all the relevant factors and have avoided the potential pitfalls, you can put pen to paper and begin to reap the plethora of rewards from investing in commercial properties for sale.