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Capital Markets Update – Spring 2017

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– Market Overview – Institutional interest rates continue to remain stable with bond yields similar to the start of the year. Due to the recent concerns in the Canadian mortgage…

Commercial Property Values

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    When a commercial property is for sale, you will want to determine the value to see if the list price is accurate. It’s important to not assume that…

What Lenders Want in 2016

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    2016 has started with a thud. As we know, real estate is subject to the same forces and psychology as the wider economy. With the dollar sinking and…

Rental Property Management Tips

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Managing your rental properties can be a challenge considering the fact that it involves a great amount of patience and requires you to make the right decisions to minimize headaches…

Waste Management Sustainability Services

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  Before opting for waste management sustainability services, it is important to analyze what type of waste your building generates. Offices primarily generate great amounts of waste paper, whereas other…

Commercial Building Costs

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    Operating a commercial building can have significant monthly expenses. It is a challenge for building managers to reduce these monthly commercial building costs, of which the energy bills…

Apartment Flooring

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  When renovating apartments it is important to make decisions that will tend to increase the property’s value, regardless of whether you want to sell it or rent it out….

Commercial Property Purchase Checklist

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  You have the funds, and you’re all too eager to invest in some commercial property. However, before dishing out such a large sum of money, as a real estate…

Steel Building Construction Costs

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  Steel building construction costs are lower than many alternatives and as a result are now becoming more popular because of the many advantages that they offer. Generally these buildings…

Commercial Properties for Sale

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  Investments come in many shapes and sizes and people invest for all kinds of reasons. They invest in precious metals, foreign currency, financial stock and bonds, and in real…

Investing in Commercial Real Estate

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  In an increasingly complex and competitive business world, more and more people are searching for ways to supplement their income. The days of a single breadwinner in the house…

How to Make a Building Green

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  Companies and corporations, as well as residential buildings, do their share in helping the environment. Some of them ban the use of plastic and Styrofoam products within their premises,…

Renovating Apartments for Profit

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  The great, global recession has come and gone, there have been significant ups and downs across all industries, and the world has slowly started getting back to normal. Certain…

Managing Commercial Properties

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  Property management requires years of experience. It involves an extensive job that entails the operation and control of real estate, as well as involving the accountability with regard to…