Waste Management Sustainability Services

By May 20, 2014Green Initiatives


Before opting for waste management sustainability services, it is important to analyze what type of waste your building generates. Offices primarily generate great amounts of waste paper, whereas other commercial buildings will have specific types of wastes generated depending on the nature of the building. Effective waste management can greatly reduce operational building expenses.
The question is, how can waste management reduce costs? It is interesting to know that garbage disposal is more expensive than recycling waste, so by recycling, you’re effectively reduce your waste costs.
On the other hand, it can considerably streamline a building’s day-to-day operations. For example, an office building generates a great amount of paper waste. By separating paper from the other waste, you’ll have a small quantity of decay-able waste to handle. Besides, you’ll be doing your part to save the environment.


The Process of Waste Management Sustainability Services

One of the major hindrances you’ll have to face as a building manager will be to find the time to put into practice a well-planned waste reduction program. You should know that there are a few simple measures that once taken, can make a big difference.
1. First and foremost, you should review what type of waste is generated in your commercial buildings. A quick walk through the waste room will answer this question. What you need to find out is the major component of the waste.
2. Various studies that looked into the garbage of an office building found that:
• A lot of paper that was in the waste was recyclable;
• Most of the papers were printed on only one side;
• A large amount of new or barely used stationary items were disposed off.

To reduce waste costs, you should recommend the use of both sides of paper to reduce the waste quantity, as well as setting up a paper recycling system.
3. There are numerous ways to implement recycling systems in your commercial buildings. This would require you to have the specific equipment, as well as cooperation from your tenants and the correct training of the cleaning staff.
4. Correct labeling of all recycling bins is important. Put these labels on all bins before handing them out to the tenants.
5. Educate the tenants regarding the new waste management system through posters and flyers.
6. You should consider providing training to the cleaning staff so that they can efficiently sort out recyclable material from other waste.
7. As for waste management sustainability services, they offer a balance between quality and cost – the ideal situation would be to have a service that is flexible with great customer service. When signing a new contract, make sure all terms are clear and that there is no element of confusion.
Once the tenants get in the habit of the new recycling system, you’ll be surprised at the decrease in your building’s waste footprint.